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Hover over each number on the image below to see part information and get a link to the part's detail page.
Use the image below to find the right part and get more information about it in the table at the bottom of the page.


KeyPart #Description
1 27145AS Lens (Discontinued)
6 32928DS Cord & Plug - 72"
13 34322AS Light Socket
14 18004BS Capacitor
18 32960RS Motor Assembly 1/2 hp - 696 (Discontinued)
18A 32960SS Motor Assembly 1/3 hp - 496 (Discontinued)
20 36190TS Circuit Board
24 35219AS Gear Housing Top
25 35220AS Gear Housing Middle
26 35221AS Gear Housing Bottom
27 33223AS Bushing, Drive Shaft
28 27089AS Washer, Thrust, Drive Shaft
29 27091AS Limit Worm Gear
30 27092AS Limit Worm Drive
31 27098A03S Drive Shaft
32 24311B17S Retaining Ring
33 27096AS Drive gear
34 32987AS Optical Interrupt Wheel
35 33221AS Motor Bushing
36 33223AS Motor Thrust Washer
37 27087AS Poly Thrust Washer
38 27090AS Drive Worm Gear
42 27093AS Limit Wheel
43 27095AS Limit Cams
44 27094AS Limit Pinion
45 27220AS Limit Switch