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Overhead Door Wireless Entry, Model OKP-BX


We are pleased to announce the availability of the newly designed wireless keyless entry pad, model # OKP-BX, part number 37225R. The new keypad features:

Code Dodger 2 technology, but is also compatible with Code Dodger 1

It can operate up to (3) Overhead Door garage door openers with Code Dodger technology

Auto-seek dual frequency technology automatically transmits in both 315 and 390 MHz to minimize possible frequency interference related to consumer electronics or nearby government bases

Temporary PIN codes to allow for one time special access needs

Uses standard AAA batteries

This new keyless entry comes in (4) different colors; White, Gray, Tan and Almond

To order a Code Dodger keyless entry click on the link listed below:

The current keyless entry (model # OWKP-BX) will be discontinued when current inventories are depleted.