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Hover over each number on the image below to see part information and get a link to the part's detail page.
Use the image below to find the right part and get more information about it in the table at the bottom of the page.


KeyPart #Description
4 25995ES Pulley Support
7 36254RS Carriage
9 21123FS Release Cord
10 25605RS Inner Slide Kit
11 35227AS Release Knob
12 8115B17S Speed Nut
13 18295A04S Header bracket
14 18586A04S Pin
16 36196AS Sprocket Saddle
18 19792A04S Door Bracket
19 26012DS Door Arm, Straight
20 26013DS Door Arm, Curved
23 27191AS Sprocket
24 26004AS Bolt retainer
25 26001A04S Pulley bracket
26 26966DS Pulley
28 26002BS Pulley Bushing
29 3783A04S Square Nut
34 20456RS Pulley Support Kit