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Image Map Genie 6070 & 6170 Residential Wall-mount

Hover over each number on the image below to see part information and get a link to the part's detail page.
Use the image below to find the right part and get more information about it in the table at the bottom of the page.


KeyPart #Description
1 39706AS Housing Cover
2 41181RS MaIn Control Board
3 41153R WiFi Circuit Board
4 41184RS Transformer
5 27335PS Chain Assembly, 1/2"P 16" Loop
6 41175RS Shaft Assembly - Not Available for Purchase (must replace wall mount opener)
7 41183RS Motor Assembly
8 39547RS APE (Limit Module)
9 41185RS Release Assembly
10 39675RS Side Panel (Right Hand)
11 39677RS Side Panel (Left Hand)
12 TBD Bottom Cover - NA
13 41192RS Center Brace
14 111658.0002.S Battery Backup (battery only)
15 41374RS Battery Backup (Housing only)
  41152R Battery Backup with Housing
  41375RS Miscellaneous Hardware Kit
16   Bolt
17   Washer
18   Screw
19   Washer
20   Grounding Screw
  39830RS Coupler Assemby, Wall Mount
  39794AS Cable Keeper Kit
  37218R Remote Control
  37221R Safety Sensors (Photocells)
  39902R Wireless Wall Console
  35265BS Wire, 90ft
  41151R Light Kit
  39946RS Hardware Kit (Parts)
  41149R Door Lock Assembly (Includes wire & hardware)
  40629AS Harness, Door Lock
  41005RS Parts Kit, Door Lock
  40984RS Low Voltage Power Input Kit - NA
  41032RS TorqueMaster Adapter Kit
  40803RS Alternate Mounting Kit