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7 Easy Tips to Weatherize Your Garage

7 Easy Tips to Weatherize Your Garage

Posted by Dave Willmes on 12th Dec 2023

Winter is just around the corner, and it's time to prepare your home for the cold weather. But don't forget about your garage! Whether it's attached or detached, weatherizing your garage is essential to prevent energy loss and protect your belongings from the cold. In this blog, we'll share seven simple tips to help you weatherize your garage effectively.

  • Caulk Your Garage Door and Windows

One of the easiest ways to weatherize your garage is sealing garage door gaps and windows. You can use caulk to keep out cold air and moisture. Remove any old caulk, prime the area, and use a caulk backing rod for larger gaps. Apply weather-resistant caulk to create a tight seal.

  • Insulate Your Garage Door

Did you know that an uninsulated garage door can significantly contribute to heat loss? By adding insulation to your garage door, you can keep your garage 12 degrees warmer during those freezing winter months. You can easily install door insulation kits or make your own using rigid foam insulation.

  • Upgrade Weather Stripping

Flexible vinyl weather stripping placed around the garage door helps to prevent drafts. Remember to also seal the gaps between the individual garage door panels using foam tape weather stripping or V-type weather stripping.

  • Install a Garage Door Sweep Bottom Seal

Replace the worn-out bottom seal of your garage door to keep out dust, dirt, drafts, and moisture. Remove the old seal, clean the bottom of the door, and lubricate the track before attaching the new door sweep.

  • Consider a Threshold Seal

For larger gaps, a threshold seal installed on the garage floor can provide extra protection against wind, rain, snow, and rodents. It attaches to the garage floor using adhesive and complements the door sweep.

  • Seal Switches and Outlets

Apart from sealing garage door gaps, you can prevent cold air from entering through electrical outlets and light switch boxes by installing foam gaskets or using caulk or foam to seal the gaps. Consider using child safety plugs for unused outlets.

  • Waterproof Your Garage Floor

Protect your garage floor from moisture and chemicals by applying a waterproof seal, such as a crystalline concrete agent, epoxy, or waterproof paint. These methods ensure that any mess brought in with your vehicle doesn't damage the concrete.

Start Making Your Garage Ready for Any Weather

Weatherizing your garage is a simple and cost-effective way to increase energy efficiency and save on heating costs during the winter. By following these seven tips, you can create a more comfortable and insulated space while protecting your belongings.

Take the time to weatherize your garage now and enjoy the benefits all winter long. If you’re looking for quality garage door supply, check our eCommerce site for genuine products at Overhead Door Parts Online.