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Overhead Door ® Emergency Battery Backup – Overview

Overhead Door ® Emergency Battery Backup – Overview

Posted by Dave Willmes on 29th Jul 2022

The Overhead Door® Emergency Battery Backup accessory offers homeowners the security of always being prepared if severe weather causes a power outage. These accessories have easy installation and can be purchased already integrated with a new garage door opener or added to an existing garage door opener.

What is an emergency battery backup garage door opener?

  • It is a garage door opener with an external or integrated power supply, independent from your home’s power.
  • Emergency battery backup garage door openers allow you to keep using your garage door in the event of a power outage.

Advantages of an emergency battery backup:

  • Security — One of the biggest advantages that comes with an emergency battery backup system (external or integrated with your garage door opener) is peace of mind. You know that in the event of a power outage you will be able to easily get your car(s) and family safely in and out of your garage.
  • Easy operation — In the case of an emergency, the last thing you need to worry about is manually disengaging your garage door. If you have an emergency battery backup installed, just push the button and go.
  • Safety and security – An emergency battery backup ensures that your garage door is locked during a power outage. You will no longer need to leave the garage door unlocked during an outage.
  • Extended lifetime and easy maintenance — Most emergency battery backup systems go 3+ years without maintenance. Once your system is installed, it charges through your garage door opener, so there is no fuel to maintain or additional parts to worry about.
  • Variety of models for your home — If you want a new garage door opener with an integrated battery backup or want to add an external system to an existing garage door opener, Overhead Door ® and will have an option that will work for you and your home.
  • Adaptive opening capabilities — To conserve power your garage door will open and close at a slower rate, and any light on your opener will remain off during a power outage. But the adaptations allow for up to 50 door openings and closings in a 24-hour period.

Add an Emergency Battery Back Up to an Existing Garage Door Opener

External options:

An Overhead Door® Emergency Battery Backup can be added to an existing garage door opener. There are three different emergency batteries that can be added. These systems give you power and peace of mind when you need it most. Listed below are the Overhead Door garage door opener models and the compatible emergency battery backups. Reference this list to order an emergency battery backup for your existing garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Model
    Part Number
Destiny® 1500 Model 8160H    41590S
Destiny® 1200 Model 8130H    41590S
Destiny® 1500 Model 8060    41590S
Destiny® 1200 Model 8030H    41590S
Odyssey® 1200 Model 7160    41590S
Odyssey® 1000 Model 7030    41590S
Odyssey® 1200 Model 7060    41590S
Odyssey® 1000 Model 7130    41590S
Legacy® 920 Model 7020H    39524R
Legacy® 920 Model 7120H    39524R
Legacy® 920 Model 7120HL    39524R
Infinity 1000 Model 9020H    41152S
Infinity 1000 Model 9120H    41152S

#41590S | Colorful LED lights show charge status


Colorful LED lights show charge status


Engineered to mount with smaller units


Compatible with the Overhead Door wall mount opener

Include an Integrated Emergency Battery Back Up with the installation of a New Garage Door Opener

Integrated options:

If you want an integrated battery backup system, the Infinity 2000 model # 9120HB and the Legacy® 920, model 7120H-B and 7120HL-B model both have integrated batteries. These models already have backup features that are built in and worry free!

Learn more about the Overhead Door Emergency Battery Backup by checking out this quick video:

Severe weather events are not uncommon. Get your Overhead Door™ Battery Backup, so you can rest easy knowing that, with or without electricity, you will always be able to access your garage.