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How Do I Winterize My Garage Door?

How Do I Winterize My Garage Door?

Posted by Dave Willmes on 12th Nov 2019

As winter weather approaches, winterizing your garage door can save you up to 70% of energy loss in your home., has all of the garage door parts and accessories you need to winterize your garage door and garage door opener for the season.

Before you get started, first run a safety inspection to ensure that the garage door and garage door opener are working properly. If you need assistance, your local Overhead Door distributor can assist you with scheduling a safety inspection. If you are located in Northern Kentucky or Greater Cincinnati you can easily schedule an appointment online with Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky.

Below we list our recommendations for winterizing your garage doorand garage door opener this season:

Replace the bottom weather seal including the option to install rodent block and storm shield.

Xcluder Door Seals

The weather stripping on your garage door helps keep the elements out and the heat in, which can also help prevent mold from forming in your garage. Clean and replace weather stripping as needed prior to the winter season. You may also want to consider the rodent block and storm shield options when replacing the weather strip for additional protection.

Bottom Weatherseal

Rodent Block Garage Door Seal

Storm Shield

Side and Top Weather Seal

Lubricate the garage door and opener.Garage Door Lubricant

Make sure the garage door and garage door opener are well lubricated so the garage door has less work to do to fight against friction. Lubrication will extend the life of your garage door system.

Garage Door Lubricant

Replace the batteries in the remote controls and keyless entry.Garage Door Remote Batteries

Don’t get stuck in the cold with a remote control or keyless entry to your garage door that doesn’t work properly. Test and replace batteries so you can access your garage from the comfort of your car, or home.

Remote Control Batteries

Replace the light bulbs in the garage door opener.

In the winter months, you may find yourself parking in the garage more which means your garage door opener light bulbs will get more use. Replace the light bulbs before the winter season, or keep a few backups on hand to last you through the winter months.

Garage Door Opener Light Bulb

Clean the outside of your garage doors to remove any debris which will eliminate damage from rust that may be forming and to unclog your hinges.

Keeping all parts of the garage door clean can help your garage door and garage door opener work properly. Debris can easily jam the garage door opener or cause the parts to rust.

Check the garage door balance.

If your garage door isn’t balanced, then the opener will have to work harder to open the door which could reduce its lifespan. To test the balance, pull the release handle on the door and switch to manual mode. If the door remains in place when held halfway open, then the door is properly balanced.

Ensure all screws and nuts are tightly fastened.

General use of your garage door can easily loosen screws and nuts. Inspect all track brackets and door fasteners and tighten when needed.