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The Overhead Door® Universal products you need to make your life easier

The Overhead Door® Universal products you need to make your life easier

Posted by Dave Willmes on 3rd May 2022

The Overhead Door Universal product range is designed to make your garage door reliable, easy to use and secure. These products are game-changers on their own, but they are also designed to seamlessly work together for all of your garage door functionality needs. Having a Universal product also means it will work well with the most popular brands of garage door openers and receivers.

Are you struggling with a faulty or delayed wall console? Has your garage door keypad stopped working? Have you lost your garage door opener remote? The Universal product range has affordable replacements and upgrades that can address all of these inconveniences for you and your family. Working with our Universal products is a truly customizable experience.

All of our Universal products go above and beyond standard product models. They are:

  • Versatile – Universal products can be used with the most popular brands. (Including LiftMaster ®, Chamberlain ®, Genie ®, Overhead Door ®, Wayne Dalton ®, Marantec ®, Linear ® and more).
  • Compatible – They work with most major rolling and fixed code brands in the United States.
  • Replacement option – Whether you need to replace your wall console, remote or keypad, Universal products can easily replace your current faulty or broken product.
  • Easy to set up – All of our products come with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
  • Affordable – Many people struggle with faulty garage door products for far too long. Replacing or upgrading with our Universal products are inexpensive and easy.
  • Convenient – Universal products are designed to be convenient and intuitive.

Learn more about how Overhead Door’s Universal products can benefit you and your home

Overhead Door® Universal Wireless Wall Console

The Overhead Door® Universal Wall Console controls multiple garage door openers from a variety of manufacturers with a single wireless wall console. It’s vast compatibility and easy set-up is guaranteed to make your life easier.

The Universal Wireless Wall Console is a handy and effective tool for your home. The delay button feature provides a safe and secure way to exit your garage. In addition, one Overhead Door® Universal Wireless Wall Console will operate up to three different doors and as a result provides a clean, organized and simplified way to operate your garage doors.

Learn more about the Overhead Door® Universal Wall Console by visiting our blog!

Overhead Door® Universal Keypad

Overhead Door® has a Universal Keypad that is compatible with the most popular brands of garage door openers and gate receivers. You don’t have to struggle with an unreliable keypad, or a dated model that no longer serves your home.

The functionality of an Overhead Door® Universal Keypad goes above and beyond the old-style keypad, without complicating the process. This keypad will control multiple garage door openers, allow you to set temporary PINs, is battery operated, will remain active 15 seconds after activation and will mount to your wall.

Visit our blog to learn more about the Overhead Door® Universal Keypad.

Overhead Door® Universal Remote Control

Remote controls seem to have a mind of their own. They’re always getting lost, and sometimes never found. If you’ve lost your garage door opener remote, need an additional one for a new driver in the family or for emergencies, consider the Overhead Door ® Universal Remote Control.

This garage door opener remote is extremely versatile and can be programmed to work with most garage door opener brands sold in the U.S. It’s easy to use and extremely adaptable, making it the most flexible remote on the market! In addition to its convenience, this remote control also comes with a visor clip and can be attached to a keychain, so hopefully this one won’t get lost.

Learn more by visiting the Overhead Door ® Universal Remote Control blog.

Overhead Door® OHD Anywhere kit

Opening and closing your garage door just got easier with Overhead Door® OHD Anywhere. This tool allows you to fully operate your garage door with most Apple IOS and Android smartphones.

However, you can also integrate Overhead Door® OHD Anywhere with your existing home automation system using Google Home or Amazon Alexa, letting you control your garage door with your voice. The OHD Anywhere app enables remote control of your garage door, but can also tell you whether your door is open or closed at any time.

Learn more about securing your home with Overhead Door® OHD Anywhere.

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